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Help Celebrate Life through Food 

Food Insecurity is a crisis in the Tampa Bay region.
In 2021 1 Million people didn't have consistent access to healthy food. 

You can help change this with our
"Buy One Feed One"

When you Dine-In or Take Out with us, someone whose locally in need receives a meal for FREE!

Shower and laundry services, COMING SOON

This is a Movement that you deserve to be apart of, so come eat!

Open Chozen!

Lunch Spot


We started our restaurant and brand in 2022 with one goal in mind: providing a local sustainable food system that revolutionizes how we invest in our community without compromising lives. Contemporary Casual take-out and dine-in, highlighting vegan cuisine with flavors that celebrate life. At Chozen we understand that food is much more than a few forkfuls but can be compassion, self-love and hope. 


Our Mobile and Laundry Services will also support those in need when you choose to eat with us. 

Thank you!


About Our Owner

Our owner Zen "Z" Paul, is a Native of Washington D.C., always jokes about not being able to fry an egg until 14 years old. But understood that cooking food for someone was a sure expression of love. The memories of her maternal grandparents who cooked every week night and on Sundays is how love came to her as a child. "Those meals were a sure thing, calmed the storms of family troubles." Growing up in D.C. Culture you can get many different types of cuisines from a plethora of countries, prepared by natives of those countries. Zen committed to Veganism in their early 20's and was forced to learn how to cook to sustain life, which she did. But she knew that coming from 5+ generations of cooks she had to bring out the grace and gratitude of her family's flavors.
Moving to Tampa in 2021, after visiting a few times, seeing the high rate of shelter and food insecurity often moved Z to tears and frustration, wanting to create a solution and take nothing away from people who were already thriving, eating, living. But add to those who were down on their luck is where Chozen was Born! "I have been down and needed a simple act of kindness and it was no where to be found."
"If I can create a solution without asking anything extra from people in a time where we are all doing our best, maybe I can show that love is all around us and not limited to transactions and affordability."

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